Managing Information and Technology

When running a company, you will want to collect certain data to get information you want. This is where your information system will come into play. An information system gathers and processes data into information and makes sure the people who need it, gets it. Information needs will vary depending on which level, operational unit or functional area you are in.

There are different types of information systems. The two main types are operations support systems and management support systems. Within operation support systems there are transaction processing systems, process control systems, and design and production systems. With management support systems there are management information systems, decision support systems, executive support systems, and expert systems.

Many businesses uses the internet. This is commonly referred to as e-commerce. Businesses use the internet to present information, sell products, distribute digital products and acquire goods and services. However security issues for both the company running the website and consumers using the website do come up. Malicious programs such as viruses, worms, and trojan horses can be dangerous to computers. It’s important to have anti-virus on your computer to help protect you.Risks to customers include: credit card theft, password theft, and invasion of privacy. If you want to know more on preventing credit card theft check on’s article on it.

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