Class Reflection

This semester I took 3 business courses so a lot of the information was repetitive. I have learned a lot more about the word of business and I see it helping me in the future. I do have plans one day of hopefully owning a business of my own and after all I’ve learned in class I know it won’t be easy. The biggest problem for me I think would be getting the proper funds to even start a business. If I had the money, I have even considered even opening a franchise maybe despite the disadvantages of it.

I think when I do get a job, because I have studied business, it will help me get far in that job. I would at least like to be a manager somewhere if I never do get a chance to own my own business. I’ve also talked to friends of mine of maybe opening a business together and for me, I think I would work better in a partnership since I usually do better in a team then alone. Also having another person who will probably have other business skills would help out the business more.

After taking business courses and knowing how some of the businesses run in town, it makes me wonder how many people have even took a business course. I have found myself walking in stores and imagining myself as manager and the changes I would make.

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